Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Akshya Trust

Akshya Trust
(Click here if you wish to participate in mitigating one of the worst forms of human sufferings -
mentally deranged)

Of all human pains and sufferings, the most cruel would probably be to suffer from "mental illness", not being aware of oneself, one's conditions and life situation (as you see being described in the above website).

The real life heros are those who are prepared to spare some part of their time, efforts and resources, like what Krishnan of Madurai has been doing here, out of human compassion and kindness for the sake of these people, who are disowned by the society and dispossesed by the cruel acts of institutionalised governance and justice system of this great democracy.

As UN Pensioners your kindness and great compassion could help such worthwhile causes to help a helpless fellow human being, to live and pass away in grace and dignity. (By visiting the "Akshya Trust" site, you can have all details). God Bless the helping soul.

OM Shanthi

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